Aivina Vishnu (Heinrich Mueller + Aina) “Transforma” 2LP (Black Vinyl!)


Black vinyl !

Avina Vishnu Transforma focuses on a unification

between the natural world and the artificial space of

electronic music.It attempts to immerse the listener

within a three dimensional parallel sound

environment with a contrast between these two


Production: Heinrich Mueller + Aina

Artwork: Annika Hippler

Not included digital !


A1 A1 0:00
A2 A2 0:00
B1 B1 0:00
B2 B2 0:00
B3 B3 0:00
C1 C1 0:00
C2 C2 0:00
C3 C3 0:00
D1 D1 0:00
D2 D2 0:00

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