Chromedealer “Sketches of silver”(Black Vinyl !)



Black vinyl !

Jacket:  12″  white SLEEVE WITH DIECUT HOLE  

First vinyl release combining the styles of jungle, breakcore, acid and braindance, the young man from NY aged 23 producer chromedealer’s sophomore EP “sketches of silver” consists of 5 ever-changing pieces of electronica. Moods on this release can range anywhere from melodic, somber and contemplative interludes, to blistering breakbeats and triumphant crescendos.

From atmospheric pads and jazzy melodies interwoven with frenetic breakbeats, to glitchy and unexpected compositional shifts, chromedealer’s meticulous approach to composition and production pave way for an intriguing and memorable listen.

“a fresh and talented touch for this new year 2024”

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A1 onyourmarks 4:48
A2 sable 6:26
B1 jack 5:50
B2 cubed^3 4:55
B3 silver city 5:10

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