Ed DMX “Breakin’Records Greatest Hits” 2LP (Out of Stock)

WeMe070  2LP

Black vinyl !

With a career spanning over 25 years of electro classics since his Rephlex debut, DMX Krew certainly needs no introduction. Remastered by the man himself and carefully selected by “Fred de chez WeMe”, this double LP compiles some of his best tracks from his label “Breakin’ Records” to date. A must-have to bring some old-skool flavour to your DJ sets.

Not included digital !!

A1 DMX Krew "DMX Bass" 4:20
A2 Bass Potato "Be True" 4:34
A3 Computor Rockers "Computor Rock" 4:33
B1 DMX Krew "Back To The Bass (Vocal Version)" 4:26
B2 DMX Krew "Night Visions" 4:42
B3 DMX Krew "Emerging Technology (Rmx)" 5:03
C1 Computor Rockers "Green Screen (Dmx Krew Remix)" 4:26
C2 DMX Krew "What Happened To Peace? (Vocal)" 5:40
C3 DMX Krew "Molten Analogue" 4:29
D1 Computor "Rockers Computor Interface (USB 2.0)" 5:17
D2 DMX Krew "Bongard Problems" 6:19
D3 DMX krew "Past master" 6:25
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