WeMe041  Special limited 2lp (Red vinyl!!!) – only on this website !

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Marco Laguna

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A1 Renaud Mayeur Dago Theme
A2 The Nick Leonardo Orchestra Ghost City Blues
A3 The Nick Leonardo Orchestra The 12 Bastards Of Lucifer
A4 Jean-Marc Lederman Immaculate
B1 Moaning Cities Easter
B2 The Nick Leonardo Orchestra Hellhounds
B3 Jean-Marc Lederman Man Behind The Curtain
B4 Jean-Marc Lederman Blackout
C1 Jack O'Roonie Man Alone
C2 Renaud Mayeur Murder One
C3 Renaud Mayeur I Wish I Was With You
C4 Renaud Mayeur Soulless
D1 Ashtoreth Threnody V

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